About Solvang Restaurant

solvang2promopicThe Solvang Restaurant, located in the heart of downtown Solvang at 1672 Copenhagen Drive, is home to Arne’s Famous Aebleskiver, as well as serving traditional Danish and American Food. Traditionally Aebleskiver are served during the Christmas and Easter holidays in Denmark, but we celebrate year round. They are served with raspberry jam and a dusting of powdered sugar. Ordered as a meal with the Danish Sausage Medisterpolse, or as dessert, it is a treat that should not be missed.

The decor of the restaurant includes handcrafted woodwork by the late Ferd Sorensen, who was knighted by the Queen of Denmark in recognition of his fine workmanship. Danish proverbs decorate the interior beam work and the booths are embossed with authentic crests of Danish Villages. Murals of Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales decorate the walls as well as works by local artists.

babypicOpen from 6am daily, the Solvang Restaurant is a local favorite and a must stop for all visitors. Closing at 5pm weekends, we are open until 3pm during the week, extending to 4pm during the summer. Open most holidays, call or e-mail for special Holiday hours.

Making Aebleskiver is easy and fun, it has become a favorite tradition in our home. We offer pans, mix and toppings to help you make these delicious treats in your home, and gift items for your special cook.

I hope it becomes a special tradition in your home, sharing aebleskiver with friends and family. Enjoy!

Menu ~ Prices subject to change:

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